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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay by credit/debit card?

We are a coin operated launderette only. We have a change machine that will swap £5/10/20 notes for £1 coins to use in the machines. 

Where is the closest cash point/ATM?

Co-op is a 2 minute walk down St. James's street (west).

Can I give you my laundry for a service wash?

We don't offer a service wash at the launderette. However, we do carry out a Collection & Delivery service every Tuesday. If this is something you require, please email us

What are the opening times?

7:30am - 9pm everyday. (Including bank holidays)

We close early on Brighton Pride (2pm).
We are closed on Christmas & Boxing day.

Do you do dry cleaning?

No. We have laundry facilities only.

What time is the last wash?

7:30pm everyday.

Where are you?

You can find us at 53 St. James's Street, Brighton, BN2 1QG. We're on the corner of St. James's Avenue and St. James's Street.

How long does a wash take?

Depending on size of machine & temperature between 35-45 minutes. Drying will depend on what you have/how much you have, an average 9kg load is estimated around 30 minutes.

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