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These are just some of the reasons why our customers return to us.

Family run business

We've been a reliable family run business for almost 60 years, passing down four generations of launderette experience.

Soft water

We've got a commercial sized water softener connected directly to all 13 washing machines. Soft water helps maintain efficiency and performance of our machines & prevents your clothes from losing their softness and colour.

Clean facilities

We pride ourselves on keeping our facilities clean and in working order. 

Change machine

As we're a coin only launderette, we have two change machines in the launderette (to swap notes to coins) for maximum efficiency. (Our closest cash point is only 120 yards away at the coop).

Cheapest wash in town

Our 9kg machines start from just £4.50, making us the cheapest wash in town relative to size of wash load. For a full price list of all of our machines, please select the Price List tab.


Based in a busy Kemptown area, surrounded by many fantastic shops & cafes to pass the time whilst you're waiting for your laundry.

Open everyday

We're open 13.5 hours a day, everyday! Only closed two days of the year (Christmas day & boxing day). Follow us on social media for any updates on opening times throughout the year.

Easy to use machines

All of our machines have clear step-by-step instructions on each machine to make doing laundry super easy and efficient!

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